Truck Routes

Trucks and commercial vehicles provide goods and essential services to residents every day.  The City's diverse mixture of land, dense urban environment, and vast transportation infrastructure, require a distinct set of rules and regulations to govern the operation of trucks and commercial vehicles on city streets. 


For this system to function properly, truck drivers must observe these rules and regulations.  The City of Stockton Truck Route Map helps truck and commercial vehicle operators plan their routes.


STAA Truck Routes

The Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) of 1982 allows large trucks to operate on the Interstate and certain primary routes (collectively called the National Network.)  These STAA trucks are longer than California legal trucks.  As a result, STAA trucks have a larger turning radius than most local roads can accommodate.


The City of Stockton coordinates with San Joaquin County Public Works and Caltrans when establishing STAA Routes in and around the City.  The STAA Truck Route Map helps operators determine these routes within Stockton and San Joaquin County.


An application for a STAA Truck Terminal Access can be submitted to the Traffic Engineering Division.  The application process can be viewed on the Caltrans website. 


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