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Sutter Street Bicycle PathSutter Street Bike Path Project

The Sutter Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Project is an important part of the City of Stockton's Bicycle Master Plan that was adopted November 2007.


Upon completion, the Proposed Project will close the gap between existing bicycle facilities from the north bank of the Calaveras River south to California Street. The new bridge will connect to the Class I bicycle facility on the Calaveras River levee. The improvements will also allow bicycles and pedestrians to safely and easily travel between central and downtown Stockton.


City staff members are evaluating public comments received in the public meetings and on the Hotlines.


The Project includes these three elements:

  • Designing and constructing a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Calaveras River at Sutter Street,
  • Converting approximately 3,800 lineal feet of Sutter Street into a Class II bicycle facility, and
  • Converting approximately 600 lineal feet of Alpine Avenue into a Class I bicycle facility.


Project Planning Documents


The Project is being funded by Measure K.


Additional Information

For additional information, please contact us about the Sutter Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Project.


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