Tree-lined avenues offer shade during our hot summers, raise property values, and clean our air.  That's why so many trees have been planted in the City of Stockton.


Trees planted in park strips (planting area between the curb and sidewalk) or trees planted in tree wells are in the City right-of-way. With a few exceptions, trees planted six feet back from the sidewalk (8-10 feet in some newer subdivisions) are also within the City easement.


Thousands of property owners help by caring for the street trees adjacent to their property. If you are planning to plant a new tree, the City of Stockton requires trees be on the approved species list.


City Tree and Stump Removal ProjectTree and Stump Removal Images

The City of Stockton plans to remove approximately 308 unhealthy City trees and 1,800 City tree stumps in various locations throughout the City. Work will begin in spring 2021. 


The work will be performed by the City's contractor, Mowbray's Tree Service, Inc. 



A postcard was mailed to those in areas where trees or stumps will be removed. 


For information, please contact the Municipal Service Center.


Tree Maintenance

Trees located on private property are the property owner's responsibility. To determine if a tree is on private property or in a city right-of-way, please contact the Tree Division. Residents may trim, prune, and maintain trees adjacent to their property in city right-of-way. 


In some areas, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has a maintenance program that includes trimming trees away from electric utility lines. Please contact PG&E (under External Links below).


Tree Removal

Property owners who wish to remove trees or stumps in City right-of-way or easements must contact the Community Development Department for permit information and requirements.   



After receipt of the application, Community Development will contact property owners about the tree assessment, approval or denial of a permit, and any mitigation requirements per the Stockton Municipal Code - Street Tree Permit 16.162.


Heritage Oaks

Heritage Oak trees are protected in the City of Stockton. Stockton Municipal Code - Heritage Oak Permit 16.130 governs the removal of Heritage trees regardless of location on a property or condition of the tree(s). To remove a Heritage Oak tree, you must contact the Community Development Department for permit information and requirements. 



Upon receipt of the application, Community Development will evaluate the condition of the tree and grounds for the application to determine whether the tree can be removed. If removal is warranted, the property owner will be notified of the next step. Mitigation is required.


Tree Inventory

The City of Stockton received grant funding from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention to conduct an inventory of its street and park trees. 



External Links

PG&E - (800) 743-5000

Urban Forest

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