The City has 66 city parks and many open spaces maintained by licensed landscape contractors. City parks range from two-acre neighborhood sites to 64-acre community parks. City parks offer a wide range of activities – from picnic areas, game courts, swimming pools, ball diamonds, soccer fields, tot lots, fountains, tennis courts, and more.  View the Parks Map for additional information and park locations.


About half of the City parks have restroom facilities.  Some larger sites have community centers and others have larger complexes, such as Oak Park's Billy Hebert Field and Pixie Woods at Louis Park.


Watering of City Parks and Recreational Fields

Victory Park Irrigation System - Updated July 17, 2017

Victory Park irrigation water supply system is broken. Estimated time for repairs has not been determined. Water pressure is low, so sprinklers will water one zone at a time around the clock, day and night. There will continue to be dry areas that cannot be reached with low pressure.


The water supply to the ponds in front of the Haggin Museum may occasionally be low until repairs to the park irrigation water supply system have been completed.


Thank you for your patience.  For additional information, please contact the Community Relations Officer at (209) 937-8827.


For tree issues or other repairs needed, please contact the Municipal Service Center at (209) 937-8341.


Watering to Conserve

At the City of Stockton, we are doing our part to conserve water.  In compliance with State regulations, we have reduced overall water usage at all parks and fields by at least 30%. Our parks and recreational fields are very large and used daily by thousands of members of the community and hundreds of sports teams. These facilities often require more frequent watering to maintain a safe and usable turf surface.


Where the watering schedule is more frequent than twice per week, watering duration has been reduced to ensure overall water usage has been reduced by at least 30%.  In addition, the City has minimized use of potable water (water treated for drinking) by irrigating with non-potable water sources, such as rivers and wells, wherever possible.

The City's parks and landscape irrigation systems are extensive, with tens of thousands of sprinklers that can break or malfunction.  We have dedicated staff and contractors monitoring our systems, but your help is always welcome.  Report an irrigation problems by calling the Municipal Service Center.



Maintenance work includes regularly scheduled mowing, edging, shrub trimming, fertilizing, litter/trash collection, graffiti abatement, weed control, minor tree work and turf aeration.  For parks with restrooms or play equipment, contractor also provides janitorial cleaning and play equipment inspection.

Mowing Schedule

  • March 1 and November 15 – Weekly
  • November 16 to February 28 – Once every two weeks


Other Maintenance

This following information provides the minimum maintenance schedule for other contracted services. Larger community parks may be serviced more frequently than neighborhood parks.

  • Trash, litter and debris collection, removal and disposal
    • Monday and Friday
  • Empty trash receptacles
    • Monday and Friday
  • Clean and disinfect drinking fountains
    • Monday and Friday
  • Restroom cleaning
    • March 1 to October 31 - Peak Season - Daily
    • November 1 to February 28 - Off-peak Season - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Clean site furnishings
    • March 1 to October 31 - Peak Season - Weekly
    • November 1 to February 28 - Off-peak Season - Bi-weekly
  • Clean site structures
    • March 1 to October 31 - Peak Season - May, July and September
    • November 1 to February 28 - Off-peak Season - November and February
  • Paved and hard surface areas
    • March 1 to October 31 - Peak Season - Weekly when cleaning site furnishings
    • November 1 to February 28 - Off-peak Season - Bi-weekly when cleaning site furnishings
  • Game courts, sweep and blow off
    • Weekly
  • Game courts, wash off
    • Monthly
  • Play equipment and fall surface inspection
    • Each time the contractor is at the site
  • Fall surface leveling
    • Weekly
  • Horseshoe pit leveling
    • Weekly 


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