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The City of Stockton Public Works Department Fleet Section manages a large fleet of vehicles. The Fleet Section ensures compliance with prevailing laws and regulations related to City vehicles and garage operations and furnishes safe reliable vehicles and equipment at the lowest possible cost . Functions performed include:

  • Fleet Administration
  • Prepares specifications for vehicles and equipment
  • Establishes budget requests
  • Projects twenty year replacement and revenue schedules
  • Maintains financial documents for fleet operations
  • Establishes and conforms to schedules for smog and other mandated inspections
  • Prepares hazardous waste manifests
  • Tracks recycling programs for used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, freon, batteries and solvents
  • Samples storm water
  • Prepares reports and documents for storm water permits
  • Sets standards for and oversees the operations of the Central Garage, Auto Body Repair Shop, and Welding Fabrication Shop


Central Garage

  • Performs preventative maintenance on all City vehicles and equipment, including inspections and smog tests according to specified guidelines.
  • Generates repair orders to minimize out of service time.

Auto Body Repair Shop

  • Completes accident damage repairs for City vehicles.


Welding Fabrication Shop

  • Assists in the modification and set up of specialized equipment
  • Special projects and equipment for Fleet and other City departments

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