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North Stockton Railroad Grade SeparationsNorth Stockton Railroad Grades

The purpose of the North Stockton Railroad Grade Separations Project is to replace the current railroad crossings in the north Stockton area with bridge crossings that will accommodate expected traffic growth and development.


The improvements will create safer crossings while addressing current and future traffic demands.  Upon completion, motorists and emergency response vehicles will be able to cross over or under the railroad tracks without stopping for trains.  Crossings will be quieter as train horns will no longer be necessary.  Air quality will also be improved, because vehicles need not stop and idle at crossings.


Three Grade SeparationsProject Map

Two overcrossings and one undercrossing will be built.  The overcrossings will be constructed above the existing railroad; the undercrossing will be constructed under the existing railroad.  Eight Mile Road will not be closed to traffic.  Motorists can expect periodic lane closures and delays. The construction is anticipated to be completed by the summer of 2013, weather permitting.


Overcrossing on Eight Mile Road (West)

A bridge will be built in two stages over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks on Eight Mile Road, just east of Davis Road.  Work is already underway.  Traffic will be directed onto the new northern portion of the roadway and bridge, once it is finished; then the remaining roadway will be completed.   


Overcrossing on Eight Mile Road (East)

This overcrossing is being constructed on Eight Mile Road, just west of State Route 99.  Traffic is being routed around the roadwork at this location.


Undercrossing on Lower Sacramento Road

An undercrossing is being constructed on Lower Sacramento Road, about one-half mile south of Eight Mile Road. 

  • Lower Sacramento Road is closed at this location.
  • Businesses located on Lower Sacramento Road remain open and are accessible by following detour signs.  Please see the map to Lower Sacramento Road businesses.
  • Grider Way is open to Whistler Way, so traffic can be routed around the roadwork.


Project Information

For additional information, please contact the Public Information Coordinator for this project.


Project Funding

Funding for this project is from Measure K (one-half cent sales tax), State Proposition 1B grant, State Local Partnership Funds and the Union Pacific Railroad.  No funding has been provided from the City of Stockton General Fund.



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