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Rates for Solid Waste & Recycling Collection

On November 5, 2019, the City Council approved a 10-year franchise agreement. Republic Services and Waste Management are the contracted service providers that serve the residents of the City of Stockton with weekly curbside collection of garbage, recyclables and organics (green waste). The companies also provide street sweeping services within the City of Stockton. 


Service rates are adjusted annually. The rate adjustment is equal to 100% of the change in the Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period ending in April. The rates for all residential and commercial customers are effective January 1.



Residential customers are billed monthly for services, based on garbage cart size.

  • Please see below for the different cart sizes for trash service.
  • Residential customers can receive an additional 90-gallon Organic (Green & Food Waste) Cart for free.
  • Use the City's About Your Address feature to see which company handles your service. 


Residential Rates


Rate Schedule


Additional Containers at Reduced Rates

To request additional containers for residential services, please contact your waste hauler Republic Service or Waste Management.Reduced Rates

Residential and commercial customers with questions about garbage service charges should contact their service provider


Residential Rate Discounts

To qualify, the bill must be in the name of the qualifying customer and for the customer's primary residence.

Senior Discount

If you are a senior 65 years and older and the utility bill account holder, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service to receive a 10% discount on your garbage and recycling collection service rate.

  • Please provide a copy of your driver's license to receive the discount.
  • If an old address is on your driver's license, you may be asked for proof of residency at the address in question.


Seniors and Disabled Persons Below Median Income

Seniors 65 and older who have a below-median annual income of $35,483 per household may be eligible for an additional 10% discount. Download an application below or call Utility Billing Customer Service for an application by mail.


Residents who are permanently disabled and have a below-median annual income of $35,483 per household may be eligible for a 10% discount. Download an application below or call Utility Billing Customer Service for an application by mail.


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