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Establishing Multi-Family Unit Recycling

Step 1

Contact one of the permitted Waste Haulers to set up your recycling collection service and pick up schedule. There are two (2) waste haulers authorized to collect waste from commercial customers within the City of Stockton. Please contact them for service information and pricing. These haulers will collect free of charge up to 4 cubic yards of mixed recyclables once per week.

Allied Waste

(209) 466-5192

Waste Management

(209) 946-5721


If you have source separated recyclable materials, such as cardboard, wood, or metals, you may have them collected and hauled off by a permitted Commercial Recyclable Material Collector (CRMCs). Please see the Resource List for current information on permitted recyclers.


Step 2

Appoint a member of your staff or a resident to be the Recycling Coordinator on your property. This person will assist with the recycling program and be the contact for residents' questions.

Step 3

Determine which materials can be recycled on your property, for example:

  • Aluminum and cans
  • Bottles and glass
  • Cardboard, corrugated paper & newspaper
  • Plastic bottles
  • Wood and lumber

Step 4

Coordinate the collection of recyclables with your janitorial or maintenance staff, and consider the following: make recycling easy for residents by making additional recycling containers available. For example, use containers like copy paper boxes to collect aluminum cans next to a vending machine. Also, contact your waste hauler and ask about easy to follow labels and signs to better identify their recycling containers. Be sure to put a garbage container next to each recycling container to avoid contamination of your recyclables.

Step 5

Educate residents by distributing recycling guides and tips, and post updates on bulletin boards and common areas. Encourage and remind residents about recycling with frequent recycling reminders and updates, or organize an event.

Step 6

Inform every new resident about the recycling program in your complex and include your recycling efforts in property promotions.


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