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Multi-Family Recycling

In the City of Stockton, Multi-Family Units (MFU) are defined as four or more housing units build under one roofing structure.  The purpose of the MFU Recycling Program is to educate and increase recycling by residents, with the goal to reduce waste to the landfills and conserve more for recycling.


Yet recycling at these units is minimal,and on-site inspections and discussions with property managers and owners reveal a need to: 

  • educate residents in multiple languages to build awareness,
  • provide information about contaminated recycling,
  • provide additional space for recycling containers,
  • provide incentives to recycle, and
  • help reduce recycling scavengers.


The MFU Recycling Program offers property managers and owners assistance with recycling with:

  • effective and multi-language educational materials, including brochures, "How To" handouts, and children literature,
  • recycling containers and bags for residents,
  • provide posters, banners, and other promotional material,
  • promotional events to reach out and educate residents, and
  • consultations on how to start a recycling program.


The Solid Waste & Recycling Division of the City's Public Works Department is responsible for implementing, monitoring and tracking this new program.  T


he City's franchised waste haulers, Allied Waste and Waste Management, partner with the City to provide education and public outreach.


Please Contact Us for more information about the Multi-Family Unit Recycling Program. 



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