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Seasonal Leaf Collection

Republic Services and Waste Management, the City's two residential waste collection service providers, start their seasonal leaf collection service on October 1 of each year. This special collection service ends on December 31. This time period, October 1 through December 31, is also known as "Leaf Season".


Extra Leaf Pick-up Service

During Leaf Season only, your service provider will collect up to (5) additional bags (preferably clear plastic) of leaves at no additional charge. Just place the bagged leaves next to your green/food waste cart on your regular service day. Extra Service stickers are not required for bagged leaves during Leaf Season. Residents are reminded that leaf bags must contain only leaves. If a bag contains leaves mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush or other non-leaf content, the bag will not be collected without an Extra Service sticker.


"Leaf Season" and this free additional leaf pick-up ends each year on December 31st. After December 31st, only bags with "Extra Service" stickers will be picked up.


Tips for Managing Leaf Season

Because all green waste must be containerized, the City and the service providers have created a helpful list of tips to assist residents with managing their leaves during Leaf Season.


Illegal Leaf Piles

Residents are not allowed to rake, blow or pile leaves in the street for collection. In fact, placing piles of leaves in the street or gutter is a violation of the Stockton Municipal Code and could make you subject to a fine. The only leaves that should be in the street are those that fall naturally into the street from the trees. Only these leaves will be collected by street sweepers every other week.

If a complaint is received about about leaf piles in the street, here is what happens:

  1. The Solid Waste and Recycling Field Specialist or a Code Enforcement Officer verifies that there is loose pile of green waste or leaves in the public right-of-way (street or gutter).
  2. The officer issues a 24-hour Violation Warning Notice with the "Intent to Abate" box checked. This provides notice that the piles must be removed from the public right-of-way.
  3. The next day, the officer comes out to inspect again. If the pile is still there, the Officer issues a 24-hour Administrative Citation, which carries inspection and case processing fees as noted in the City's Fee Schedule.
  4. The following day, the officer can either issue another Administrative Citation, with an additional inspection fee and fine, or have the pile(s) removed by a City contractor, with the contractor and administrative fees charged to the owner/tenants who are in violation.


Further Assistance

Please contact your service provider if you have any questions regarding this seasonal collection service.



External Links


Stockton Municipal Code 8.04.210 - managing green waste



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