Process & Forms


Step 1

Ask for a Construction & Demolition Recycling Packet while applying for a building permit or click on the Construction & Demolition Recycling Packet link above and print out the packet.


Step 2 

Fill out the form titled Construction & Demolition Recycling Plan to estimate how much waste your project will generate and determine who you will recycle with or where you will recycle. Submit this form when you are applying for a permit. 


Step 3 

Use the Resource List to help you determine whether you use a permitted hauler or take the waste yourself to a certified recycling facility. Request receipts/tags you will need as proof that you did your part to divert waste. 


Step 4

Fill out the Construction & Demolition Recycling Report and attach all copies of tags/receipts and email, fax, or mail to the contact information listed on the report. 



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