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Recycling & Save Money


Recycle and SaveEvaluating how and what waste is produced in your business may uncover costly inefficiencies. For a business, saving money is the bottom line. If a business reduces overall costs by separating materials, such as cardboard from trash, a recycling program can be a cost-effective and responsible solution. Environmentally responsive approaches to managing waste will enhance your business image. Commercial recycling is required by law.


Stockton Municipal Code 8.04.070 requires that recyclable materials and green waste be separated from other solid waste for collection.


Why commercial recycling makes economic sense:


Pay for one 4-cubic-yard container:

 4 cubic yard container 





Or pay for one 2-cubic-yard container and receive a 2-cubic-yard recycable material container free.


2 cubic yard container2 cubic yard container


Find out more about Commercial Recycling, view a copy of our business recycling brochure.   Para informacion en espanol, haga clic aqui.


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