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Wheeled Carts & Bins

The franchised garbage hauler will offer the following types of collection bins, or containers, as options to customers: industry standard wheeled carts of approximately 30, 60 or 90 gallons, and industry standard bins. Collection container sizes vary.  Bins ranging from 1 to 9 cubic yards of capacity may be offered by the garbage hauler.


Cart and bin service will be provided on a regularly scheduled basis at a frequency specified by the customer, but not less than once per week.



Trash Cart Green Waste CartRecycling Cart



 Recycling Container



Debris Box and Compactor Solid Waste

The franchised garbage hauler will provide debris boxes and compactors for regular and on-call commercial customers.  The debris box size will vary with capacity of 10 to 40 cubic yards.  The garbage hauler will arrange, on an on-call basis, to provide debris box customers with containers sized to appropriately service their needs.  The garbage hauler, at its sole discretion, may provide debris box collection services for commercial recyclables in the City on a nonexclusive basis as a separate, distinct service apart from the collection services.



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