Garbage & Recycling

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The City provides a comprehensive waste collection system designed to reduce the amount of trash sent to our landfills. However, no system is complete without active participants. 

Residents and businesses play a vital role in making Stockton's waste collection system work by using carts to separate recyclable materials, green/food waste, and trash.


Franchise Agreements

Garbage and recycling services are managed by the Waste & Recycling Division of Public Works and include the following franchise agreements.


Recycling in Stockton

Stockton faces many of the same challenges as the rest of the nation. Materials that were valuable for recycling a year ago may have no value today. The City of Stockton is also required to adjust local recycling programs in response to stricter recycling laws passed by the State of California. City of Stockton staff work closely with service providers and recycling facilities to comply with State laws.

Education, Information, and Resources

We listen to and educate the community with interactive displays at various community events such as:

  • REXPO – annual event sponsored by Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce
  • Earth Day – in April of each year
  • State of the City – in May of each year
  • Family Day in the Park – in September of each year
  • School site events and assemblies – ongoing and upon request


Don’t miss our special collection events!

  • Sign up for News Releases to hear about events for mattress recycling and unwanted medication and sharps disposal.


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