Public Works is responsible for maintaining much of the infrastructure of the City and for designing and constructing new capital projects to address deficiencies and accommodate future growth. Funding comes from many sources, including the federal and state agencies, the San Joaquin Council of Governments, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the development community.


Annual Grants

Some grants are ongoing and can be counted on every year. 

  • Federal Regional Surface Transportation Program

    • Approximately $2 million per year to the City for improvements on primary streets
  • State Gas Tax Revenues

    • $7.4 million per year for ongoing transportation operations, street crew salaries, and minor street repairs
  • Measure K Maintenance Funds

    • Derived from region's ½ cent transportation sales tax, Measure K provides approximately $3.3 million a year to the City for street maintenance.
    • Measure K Maintenance provides the required local match for one-time capital grants of State and federal transportation funds.
    • Beginning April 2011, the City of Stockton will be receiving a formula share of Measure K Regional Arterial Congestion Relief funds from the San Joaquin Council of Governments, to be used to construct major transportation projects selected by the City and contained in the Measure K Strategic Plan.
      • These funds are not guaranteed in a particular year but will be received throughout the life of the 30-year Measure K Renewal program, which starts on April 1, 2011. The City expects to receive approximately $130 million from this source.

Other Grants

Other grants are not automatic like the ongoing grants, but still can be counted on over time to provide significant help for major capital projects, including:

  • Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality fund – For traffic signals and bus rapid transit projects
  • State Transportation Improvement Program funds – For new or rebuilt freeway interchanges
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program – For projects to improve safety at local intersections
  • Highway Bridge Program – To maintain bridges
  • State and Measure K Railroad Grade Separation programs
  • State and Federal Safe Routes to Schools programs


State Funding

State Prop 1B bond programs have provided significant funding for City projects, including:

  • North Stockton Railroad Grade Separations
    • Up to $27 million authorized
  • Arch Sperry Road Extension project
    • Up to $30 million authorized
  • Local street repair programs
    • $9 million paid

Federal Funding

The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (Stimulus Funding) provides $8.7 million to help repave local streets and $9 million to improve Airport Way.


Development Fees

Fees are also received from developers to offset the transportation impacts of development. Historically, these fees been an important revenue source for Public Works.



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