Y.A.N.A. for Seniors

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.) is a telephone-reassurance program maintained by the Stockton Police Department Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS). Y.A.N.A. is designed to provide a Monday thru Friday contact with individuals with limited family or community interaction.


Each day, at a pre-arranged time, the VIPS representative calls the participant's phone number. If the participant does not answer after a number of call attempts, the VIPS will attempt to get a hold of a next of kin or an emergency contact person the participant has previously provided. If a next of kin or an emergency contact cannot be reached or provide information as to the whereabouts of the participant, then a VIPS or other police personnel will be dispatched to the participant's residence to check on their well-being.


Participants include the elderly, latch-key children, handicapped individuals, or persons who are home bound. Contacting participants on a daily basis, helps monitor their well-being and promotes a sense of security.


You Are Not Alone Highlights

  • Calls may be made more than once a day or at different times on different days.
  • Capable of scheduled calling interruptions for vacations and special occasions.
  • No cost to participants.
  • Eases the concern of friends and family who may find it difficult to maintain consistent, reliable contact.
  • A practical, caring service to the community.

Anyone interested in taking part in Y.A.N.A. should contact the Stockton Police Department VIPS Office at 209-937-8477.


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