Many citizens encounter panhandlers in front of businesses or near traffic intersections.  Some of these panhandlers exploit your generosity to support drug or alcohol addictions.  Other times, they rob you of your belongings.  And sign-carrying panhandlers at intersections can also distract drivers, raising the potential for traffic collisions.


Giving spare change or a few dollars helps panhandlers avoid meaningful aid programs that can result in long-term positive changes rather than relief for the day. 


Instead of giving cash, the Stockton Police Department suggests donating to charitable organizations that can help the homeless. 


You can find more information about donating to United Way of San Joaquin County and other nonprofit organizations that help the homeless in External Links below.



External Links

Dignity's Alcove

Gospel Center Rescue Mission

St. Mary's Interfaith Community Services

Stockton/San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank

United Way of San Joaquin County


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