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Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is the most successful crime prevention program ever offered. By working with your neighbors and the Stockton Police Department,  you can help fight crime in our community the most effective way--before it begins!


Stockton Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Program needs your involvement to be an effective crime-fighting tool. 



Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

First, talk to your neighbors. Tell them you want to start Neighborhood Watch on your block. If 70 percent (10-15 households) of your neighbors are interested, call the Stockton Police Community Services Section and tell them you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Group. They will help you choose a date to hold your first meeting, and they will provide invitations for your to distribute.


The first two meetings will be comprised of the following: Photograph of a Neighborhood Watch meeting


First Meeting

At the first meeting, Police Department personnel will talk to you and your neighbors about specific crimes occurring in your area, when and how to use 9-1-1, home security and general crime prevention tips. The group will also elect a captain and a co-captain at this initial meeting.


Second Meeting

At the second meeting, Stockton Fire Department personnel will attend to conduct a fire safety presentation, geared toward household hazards.

Next Steps


Free Placards

As members of a Neighborhood Watch Group, each household will receive free placards to place in their windows.


Photograph of a Neighborhood Watch gatheringNeighborhood Watch Signs

Once your group has held its two initial meetings and 70% of the neighbors have the placards in place, your Neighborhood Watch Group will be able to purchase a metal Neighborhood Watch sign for a minimal fee. Signs are purchased through the Police Department and installed by the City of Stockton Public Works Department.


Continue to Meet as a Group

Neighborhood Watch Groups are encouraged to meet at least twice a year after the two initial sessions to discuss events occurring on your block or to review presentation materials available through the Police Department's Community Services Section. A sample of available topics include the following: 

  • Personal Safety
  • Auto Theft Prevention
  • Alarm Systems
  • Gang Awareness
  • Traffic Safety


Advisory Board Meetings

Neighborhood Watch members are encouraged to attend monthly Advisory Board meetings offered through the Stockton Police Department. For meeting dates and times, please contact the Stockton Police Department Community Services Section.



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