Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

This program is designed to be easy and effective in reducing crime on rental property.  The program uses a three-part owner training while staying tenant friendly.


Phase One

Starts with an eight-hour seminar presented by the Stockton Police Department and rental experts.  Topics include tenant screening, crime prevention, evictions, and drug and gang activity recognition.


Phase Two

Certifies the rental property has met the security requirements for tenant safety using the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design survey (CPTED). 


Phase Three

Informs  residents with a Safety Social on the property about the program, its benefits, and crime prevention tips.


Program Benefits

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  •  Stable, more satisfied tenant base
  • Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for "active" management

  • Lower maintenance and repair costs

  • Improved personal safety for landlords, managers, and tenants

  • More appreciative neighbors

The Stockton Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to help rental property residents, owners, and managers keep drugs and other illegal activity off their propertes.


Use this program to guard against:

  • Loss of valued, stable residents,

  • Decline in property values,

  • Property damage from abuse, retaliation, or neglect,

  • Civil penalties including forfeiture or temporary closure of the property, and 

  • Fear and frustration when dealing with dangerous and threatening residents.

The Stockton Police Department is certified as a California State Training Facility for the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 


For information regarding the Stockton Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, please contact the Stockton Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Community Service Officer.




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