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Stockton Police encourages businesses to participate in the Business Watch Program.  As members, you can communicate with businesses around you. Increased awareness helps deter crime for everyone.


Stockton Police Business Alerts

Sign up to participate in the City of Stockton Stockton Police Department Alerts by email. Choose from four these Stockton Police Alert options:

  1. Stockton Police News & Events (Including Day and Night Watch Commander Activity Reports)
  2. Stockton Police Crime Stoppers
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Organizing Business Watch Groups

  • Contact neighboring businesses about Business Watch.

Create your own "Watch," which could be a few nearby businesses, an office building, or an entire commercial district.  Ask neighboring businesses for major areas of concern. 

  • Set up a meeting.

Choose a convenient time for the majority of area business people. Early morning or noon is probably best. Contact the Stockton Police Community Services Division to attend the meeting.

A police representative will attend and discuss how Business Watch works.  Allow time for everyone to describe their crime concerns. Distribute crime prevention information. 

  • Distribute contact information.

Gather emails and phone numbers at the meeting and email to all members of the "Watch" to use if any trouble arises.

  • Organize a kickoff event.

Invite the media and neighboring residents to celebrate the beginning of your crime prevention program. This lets the city know your district is getting tough on crime.

  •  Maintain your Business Watch.

Encourage Watch coordinators to send email notifications regularly about upcoming events or happenings in the area.

Ongoing Business Watch Activities

  • Get to know the people who operate neighboring businesses.

These are your neighbors for eight or more hours a day. Make an effort to introduce yourself.

  •  Watch and report.

Report suspicious behavior to the Stockton Police Department immediately. Create an area map to explain your location to the police. If there's a problem, each merchant is responsible for emailing the group. 

  • Secure your property.

Sign up for a free security survey arranged by the Stockton Police. We will check your business for security weaknesses and recommend improvements. 

  • Engrave your valuable office equipment.

Use your tax identification number or California driver's license number. 

  • Advertise your organized business block.

Post signs and stickers alerting others that your block of businesses is organized and ready to report suspicious activities.

Trespassing, Loitering, and Parking Problems

Signs can be helpful to address trespassing, loitering and parking issues. Explore the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Vehicle Code in External Links below for:

  • Private Parking Facilities
  • Notice to Department of Justice
  • Removal from Private Property
  • Parking for the Disabled


Parking for the Disabled

For more information, call the Stockton Police Department Community Services Division.



External Links

Stockton Municipal Code, Title 9 Public Peace and Welfare, Chapter 9.28, Trespassing, Loitering, Parking, or Operating Motor Vehicles of Posted Property

CA Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Vehicle Code - Notice to Department of Justice 

CA Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Vehicle Code - Parking for the Disabled  

CA Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Vehicle Code - Private Parking Facilities

CA Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Vehicle Code - Removal from Private Property

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