Police Response

Police response to alarm activations are now dependent on your alarm company and/or the monitoring station's procedures.  Before the Police Department is contacted by your alarm company or monitoring station, one of the following must apply to your alarm activation:

  • Video verification (VV) where a video signal is sent to the alarm company and there is visual evidence of possible criminal activity at the premises.
  • Listen-In or audio technology is employed and the alarm monitoring operator hears evidence that there is potential criminal activity at the premises.
  • Multi-zone activation when there has been alarm activation in two or more separate monitoring zones and the alarm company's monitoring station has been unsuccessful in its attempt to contact the premises and/or representative.
  • Onsite human verification of a crime or problem (eye witness).
  • Enhanced Call Verification is confirmed by your monitoring station before they call the Police Department.  This is defined by at least two calls, placed to two different people, coupled with a specific reason why they believe a crime or emergency exists.
  • Although an alarm may not be verified as necessitating a police response, the monitoring companies will still be able to notify the police and request an all-car broadcast for instances of unknown/unverified alarms.  This broadcast will allow police units that may be available or in the area of an unknown alarm to check on the location, if feasible.

The above Police response changes do not apply to panic, robbery (hold-up), medical, or distress alarms. These types of alarms will continue to be treated as high-priority calls for service by the Police Department.


Your alarm company is responsible for applying the new response requirements.  Any ramifications associated with your alarm company's failure to apply these requirements are the responsibility of the alarm user.


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