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Drug Awareness

The primary drug threat in the Central Valley is currently methamphetamine. To help combat this threat, the Stockton Police Department, along with other local law enforcement agencies, participates in the Central Valley California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program, part of the National Drug Control Policy.

According to the Central Valley HIDTA, the methamphetamine threat continues in this area due to the readily available foreign and domestically acquired supplies of pseudo-ephedrine tablets, ephedrine hydrochloride and other essential precursors, chemicals and products. Large scale methamphetamine "super labs" produce more than ten pounds during a single manufacturing process.

In 2004, the Central Valley HIDTA seized over 480 pounds of methamphetamine (meth) and 10 pounds crystal (ice) meth., 588,000 pseudoephedrine tablets (a precursor for meth). The Central Valley HIDTA also dismantled over 95 meth. labs, some producing more than 20 pounds per process.

The Stockton Police Department's Special Investigations Unit would like to help educate and inform the public in becoming aware of clues concerning illegal drug use or activities. For example, clues of a methamphetamine lab include large quantities of common household products. Used as directed, these products are generally safe. Mixed together or used improperly, they can become explosive and produce toxic fumes.


Meth Lab Indicators

One of the first indicators of a meth lab is the storing of large amounts of household items such as the following:

  • Drain Cleaner (sulfuric acid or caustic soda or Drain Openers such as Red Devil lye)
  • Over the counter cold pills containing ephedrine or pseudo-ephedrine
  • Heet and Iso-Heet, gasoline additives (methanol/alcohol)
  • Iodine (both crystal and liquid)
  • Matches
  • Salt (table or rock)
  • Starting Fluid (organic ether)
  • Trichloroethane (gun cleaning solvent)
  • Alcohol (isopropyl or rubbing)
  • Battery Acid (sulfuric acid)
  • Coleman fuel
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Lithium batteries
  • Mineral spirits
  • Sodium and Lithium metal
  • Toluene

If you suspect illegal drug operations in your neighborhood, contact the non-emergency number at the Stockton Police Department.


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