Code Enforcement

The City of Stockton Police Department - Neighborhood Services Section is responsible for Code Enforcement.  


To obtain information about properties in Stockton, please print and return the Information Request form to Neighborhood Services


Examples of the code enforcement issues include:

  • active or prior code enforcement activity/actions,
  • permit issues, and
  • liens or fines/fees due on a property.


Vacant Properties 

On Tuesday, August 19, 2008, the Stockton City Council adopted an urgency ordinance aimed at protecting neighborhoods from blight due to lack of adequate maintenance or security of vacant buildings and properties.


See the following links for more information:


Report Code Violations

JunkBuildupIf you see any code violations, like the ones pictured, contact Neighborhood Services at (209) 937-8813  or email and leave the street address of the violation.  We are not able to take anonymous complaints.  You must provide your name but it will be kept confidential.


Neighborhood Services has several ways to address complaints with programs such as:

  • Graffiti Removal Program,
  • Residential Rental Inspection Program,
  • Hotel/Motel Permitting Program, and
  • Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (A.V.A.) Program.


External Links

Security and Rehabilitation of Abandoned and Vacant Property, Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) 15.32 

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