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The Process

Determining whether a specific land use is permitted in the City of Stockton is based upon a review of Table 2-2 (Allowable Land Uses and Permit Requirements) of Title 16 of the Stockton Municipal Code (SMC). That table includes a list of approximately 150 land use types, or categories, and all of the City's industrial, commercial and residential zoning designations. Comparing the two lists determines whether a proposed land use is permitted and what, if any, land use permit is required in order to initiate that use. Other sections of the SMC provide additional information regarding development within the City.



If required by Table 2-2, discretionary land use permits - including Use Permits, Land Development Permits, Tentative Maps, Planned Developments, Variances, Rezonings, etc.,  are submitted to staff in the Permit Center for processing. Typical submittal requirements include a completed application with signatures of the applicant and property owner, application fees, multiple copies of site plans, floors plans and elevations (as applicable) and, in some circumstances, samples of exterior building materials. Staff from the Planning Division are available to discuss specific application submittal requirements, as well as any required environmental review documents for the project.


Plan/Application Review

Shortly after applications have been submitted for processing, staff will review them to make sure that they are complete for processing. Processing of applications that are missing required elements will be delayed until the applicant has provided any missing item or information. Applications that are complete for processing will be referred to specific City departments, as well as outside agencies, for comment. Those departments and agencies will notify staff of applicable code requirements and may request discretionary conditions in the event that the project is approved. Most planning applications also require staff to publicly notice surrounding property owners and residents about the proposed project. After reviewing the results of the project's referral and public notification, staff will either take an action on the project or formulate a recommendation for any required Planning Commission or City Council hearings on the project.



Following approval of a project, required building permit applications may be submitted to staff for processing and/or the approved use may be initiated. For those applications that require an action by the Planning Commission, the public should be aware that the action is not effective until after the end of a required 10-day appeal period. If an action of the Planning Commission is appealed, the Commission's decision is placed on hold pending a public hearing by the City Council.


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