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Express Review Program

The Building Division introduces an Express Review Program, to improve customer service to home owners, businesses, and contractors.  This personalized service expedites building permits for residential homeowners and small businesses. Building permits that meets the critiera are listed on the Building Express Review Form.


Residential Tuesdays

Residential Tuesday helps expedite permit processing for homeowner improvement projects.


Commercial Wednesdays

Commercial Wednesday helps expedite permit processing for tenant improvement projects for small businesses.


Customers meet one-on-one with City staff to process smaller tenant improvement and residential improvement building applications.  The scheduled appointments, available every Tuesday and Wednesday, ensure applicants can meet with City Building and Planning Department staff directly to review and process improvement applications.


Community Development staff also serve as a resource and help the customer connect with other agencies responsible for approving building permits (including Fire Department, Utilities, and Public Works as needed.)


Building Permits

Construction projects typically require a building permit, plan check, and inspections.  Building permits are required when any type of construction is planned that will change or add structure to an existing property and for work regulated by City codes or ordinances, such as:

  • New Buildings (dwellings, sheds, carports)
  • Additions (buildings, swimming pools, decks over 30 inches above grade, retaining walls, patio covers)
  • Alterations beyond cosmetic changes, such as converting garages to family rooms
  • Moving or demolishing a building
  • Repairs involving structural members
  • Installation of heating equipment, such as wood-burning stoves
  • Changing in use of a structure
  • Re-roofing or new roof covering
  • Signs
  • Site development


When submitting a building permit, you must complete a building permit application

  • The cost is based on the valuation of the proposed construction project, as determined by the type of construction, size of the project, and the specific use of the buildings or structure.
  •  Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plan check fees are also applied to the plan review process.
  • All plan check fees are payable at the time of application submittal.


Permit Fee Estimator

Please Contact Us for project estimates. 


Beginning Construction

Construction can begin only after the permit is issued.  Once the permit is issued, construction must commence within 180 days.  Construction may not stop completely for more than 180 days.  If these time periods are exceeded, the permit will automatically expire and a new application for a building permit is necessary.


Any questions about the Permit Process?

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