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Design Criteria

Structural Design Criteria


  • Allowable Soil Bearing Pressure 1500 psf without a soils report.  A soils report is required if either the site has poor soil or a bearing capacity higher than 1500 psf is desired.
  • Soils Report required per CBC section 1803.1 (Commercial)
  • Wind Exposure: C, unless site complies with definition for Exposure B.
  • Speed: Basic Wind Speed, 3 second gust:
    • Risk Category I  -  Speed 100 mph
    • Risk Category II  -  Speed 110 mph
    • Risk Category III  -  Speed 115 mph
  • Seismic Design Category - as determined by site conditions. The USGS has a program available on their website (link below), which may be used to determine the seismic parameters based on the latitude and longitude of the jobsite. There are numerous online map programs which may be used to obtain the latitude and longitude.


Conventional Construction - CBC 2308

  • Seismic Design Category
    • Residential CRC - D
  • Braced walls
    • Residential CRC - 2308.9.3

Residential Additions - Soil Bearing Pressure

  • East of I-5 - use 1500 psf for soil bearing per CBC table 1804.2
  • West of I-5 - use 1000 psf for soil bearing


Other Design Criteria

  • Energy Compliance - located in Climate Zone 12
  • Rainfall design is based on 2 inches of rainfall per hour



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United States Geological Survey 

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