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Water Conservation

The City of Stockton’s Municipal Utilities Department (MUD) is committed to conserving water, an important resource with limited supply.  The amount of water we have available today is the same supply that was available when dinosaurs existed.


The Water Conservation Program works year-round to increase water conservation and raise awareness about programs and services available to customers within the City’s water service area.


Water Use Survey

Save up to 25% of the water used inside and outside your home or business by downloading the Water Use Home Survey Kit and conducting a do-it-yourself water use survey.  Submit your survey results to the City and receive a free water saving kit.



The “Water Saving Tips in the Home” is a good resource on how to conserve water in the home. 



Remember, it is unlawful to fill your pool between June 1st and October 1st of each year, without written authorization from the Municipal Utilities. Review the Stockton Municipal Code Section 13.28.030 for a complete list of restricted water use.  For a variance, please Contact Us



There are a lot of good tips and ideas on how you can save water when you are at work in our brochure for "Water Saving Tips in the Workplace." 


High Efficiency Toilets

The High Efficiency Toilet Direct Install Program is now available for City of Stockton commercial, industrial, and institutional water customers. This program covers the cost of the hardware and installation when changing out older, inefficient toilets that currently use more than 1.6 gallons per flush.


Participating plumbing contractors will install high efficiency toilets, low flow faucet aerators, and shower heads (when applicable). They will also review your water meter to check for leaks.  The City of Stockton maintains a list of plumbing contractors that currently participate in the installation of high efficiency toilets.


Recycling, Energy, Air, and Conservation (REACON) Assessment

The City, as a participating member of the Stockton Area Water Suppliers, is a sponsor of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce’s REACON Team. Through the REACON Team, assessments are conducted to evaluate water use, recycling, energy and air.



Outdoor water use accounts for the majority of water use for the average residential household and may also be applicable to businesses. "Landscape Water Saving Tips" are available to provide customers with easy-to-follow tips that can result in big water savings.


Learn more about water saving plants and watering tips by visiting the Stockton Water-Wise Gardening in the External Links below. 


School Programs

The City, in partnership with Stockton Area Water Suppliers, provides in-class, after school, and assembly programs to promote water conservation.  The City also provides tours of its new water treatment plant.


Guiding Documents

The Water Conservation Program works to meet all goals and objectives as outlined in local, state, and federal water conservation guiding documents. Maintaining compliance with these requirements and regulations are a priority.



External Links

Stockton Municipal Code Section 13.28.030 (Regulations on Water Restrictions)

WaterSense - Partnership program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Learn about water saving devices and more.

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce’s REACON Team  - Assessments conducted to evaluate water use, recycling, energy and air.

Stockton Water-Wise Gardening - Water saving plants and watering tips.

Stockton Area Water Suppliers (SAWS) 

California Office of Emergency Services - We are Californians and We Don’t Waste Water!

Save Our Water - Statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce everyday water use.


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