Water Conservation

Water is an important resource with limited supply. In fact, the amount of water available today is the same supply available when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The City of Stockton is committed to conserving this precious resource.


To comply with State-mandated water regulations, the Stockton City Council approved the following water use restrictions:


 No Watering Between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Written authorization from the MUD is required to drain or refill a pool between June 1 and October 1.


Report Water Wasting


School Programs

The City and the Stockton Area Water Suppliers (SAWS) provide in-class, after-school, and assembly programs to promote water conservation. 


External Links

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Save Our Water - State program to help Californians reduce everyday water use

Stockton Area Water Suppliers (SAWS)

Stockton Water-Wise Gardening - Water-saving plants and watering tips

WaterSense - Partnership program with EPA - Learn about water-saving devices and more

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