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Local waterways become polluted when used motor oil, antifreeze, paints, fertilizers, pet waste, soapy water, and pesticides wash into the storm drains – the number one source of pollution in our nation’s urban waters.

Storm drains were designed to collect rain and clean water runoff to prevent flooding during storms.

Preventing pollution at the source is the most effective way to avoid flooding and keep harmful substances out of our rivers, lakes and sloughs.

Prevent Pollution in Waterways

  • Keep storm drains clear of trash, including leaves and liquids other than rainwater.
  • Report dumping to the City 24-Hour Emergency Service Center: (209) 937-8341.
  • Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) 8.04.210 prohibits the deposit of any recyclable material, green waste, garbage, or waste matter on any street, alley, gutter, park or other public way, vacant lot, water or waterway, or levees.
  • Review the Residential and Business Guides below to learn how to properly dispose of various household items that may pollute our waterways:

Resident Guides to Protecting Our Waterways

Business Guides to Protecting Our Waterways

Storm Drain Markers

Storm drain markers are reminders that storm drains are only for rain. Water that flows into storm drains flows untreated into local waterways.

  • Email to request free storm drain markers and instructions to install.
  • Storm drain markers can be installed on solid flat surfaces near storm drains.

Annual Reports

The City submits annual Municipal Stormwater Program reports in accordance with:

  • the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) and 
  • the Water Discharge Requirements (WDR) General Permit for Discharges from Municipal Separate Sewer Systems (MS4).

Each report reflects all stormwater activities for the fiscal year listed.


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