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The City of Stockton Water Utility has started work on a very important project that will change the way our drinking water is disinfected. Beginning Fall 2015, the City of Stockton will begin using chloramines in its water distribution system. Customers affected by the change include those located in the City of Stockton North Water Service Area and County Areas served by the City. City of Stockton water customers located in the South Water Service Area and Cal Water customers are not affected. This general household information is provided to help you understand if and how your drinking water is affected, including information about swimming and home filtration systems.

Will I Have to Change the Way I Treat My Swimming Pool Water? 

No additional treatment should be necessary. However, you might find that there is a slight increase in chlorine demand. That means that you may have to add a little more chlorine than usual to get to the level you typically maintain in the pool after you top it off with tap water.


Will My Home Filtration System be Affected?

You may find that you have to replace filters (particularly activated charcoal filters) more often than before, though the difference should be negligible. Be sure to follow manufacturer's recommendations. 


Will My Plants Be Affected?

No. Plants, vegetables, fruit and nut trees are not affected by chloramine treated water.


Will the Switch to Chloramines Increase Lead Levels in My Drinking Water?

While chloramines are more corrosive toward metals than chlorine, it does change the chemistry of drinking water. In certain cases this may cause lead from pipes or home plumbing to dissolve into the water. However, with water quality testing and monitoring that the City of Stockton conducts, we can evaluate and optimize our corrosion control treatment to reduce the possibility of this occurring.  For more information about lead in drinking water, please see the link under External Links below. 


The City of Stockton has developed four separate, printable FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents specific to the following areas:


External Links

Information about Lead in Drinking Water - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


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