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Subrogation is defined as the legal right to collect a debt or damages. California Government Code section 53069.6 gives the authority to public entities to take all practical and reasonable steps to recover civil damages for the negligent, willful, or unlawful damaging or taking of property of the local agency, including the institution of appropriate legal action.

Pursuant to Government Code section 53069.6, the City of Stockton diligently pursues these recovery costs.


The Subrogation/Recovery Unit of the Risk Services Division is responsible for pursuing recovery, subject to the initiating department providing the proper information.


The Subrogation/Recovery Unit is committed to:

  • Appear in court
  • Contact debtors for payments and payment arrangements
  • Creating a partnership environment with other City departments
  • Developing greater collection resources and expertise
  • Implementing cost-effective billing and collection processes
  • Interview debtors to establish payment plans
  • Locate debtor's assets to attach to satisfy debts
  • Prepare legal actions and releases of lien
  • Prepare writs of execution, orders of examinations, creditor's claims
  • Providing assistance to individuals to clear their financial obligations to the City of Stockton
  • Providing accounts receivable solutions
  • Providing quality billing and collections services
  • Research accounts for total amount owing and breakdown of charges



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