Subrogation is defined as the legal right to collect a debt or damages. California Government Code section 53069.6 gives public entities the authority to take all practical and reasonable steps to recover civil damages for the negligent, willful, or unlawful damaging or taking of property of the local agency, including the institution of appropriate legal action.

Pursuant to Government Code section 53069.6, the City of Stockton diligently pursues these recovery costs. The Subrogation/Recovery Unit of the Risk Services Division is responsible for pursuing recovery, subject to the initiating department providing the proper information.


Subrogation/Recovery Unit

  • Contacts debtors for payments and payment arrangements
  • Creates partnerships with other City departments
  • Develops greater collection resources and expertise
  • Interviews debtors to establish payment plans
  • Provides assistance to individuals to clear their financial obligations to the City
  • Provides accounts receivable solutions
  • Provides quality billing and collections services
  • Researches accounts for total amount owing and breakdown of charges



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