Fire Prevention

2015 Safe and Sane Fireworks

For the 2015 Safe and Sane Fireworks sales booth locations, visit the link below.  For questions or additional information, please contact Stockton Fire Prevention or the City's Permit Center at 345 N. El Dorado Street.

Fire Prevention Week

Role Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division's works to reduce the risk of fires and safeguards the lives, welfare, and economy of the community. 


The Fire Prevention Division provides services such as:

  • code enforcement,
  • fire safety education,
  • fire investigation, and
  • special services, such as plan checking and fire code operational permits.


Fire Preventions is managed by a Division Chief, who is also assigned to the position of Fire Marshal.  Additional sworn personnel include:

  • a Fire Captain,
  • a Fire Protection Specialist,
  • an Arson Investigator, and
  • non-sworn civilians for fire safety inspections, public education, and weed abatement complaints. 

Two non-sworn positions also assist with administrative duties.


The Fire Prevention Division is located in the Permit Center along with the Community Development Department, Planning & Engineering Division and Building & Life Safety Division.  This one-stop location streamlines service for both business owners and contractors.


For more information about the fire prevention operational fire permit and plan check applications, please visit our Permit Center web page.


Fire Safety Regulations 



External Links

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Office of the State Fire Marshal - California  

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