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University Neighborhood

University NeighborhoodThe University Neighborhood is one of 37 neighborhoods in Stockton originally planned to complete a Neighborhood Improvement Plan (click on map and plan to view larger PDF versions).  The University Neighborhood is located within the Civic Center Service District with a wide mix of assets and challenges.  The neighborhood currently benefits from a number of community groups including University of the Pacific outreach programs and the Miracle Mile Improvement District.


The pilot project has given staff the experience to refine their business strategy and better understand the team approach to service delivery.  This is key to allowing the program to expand to other neighborhoods in the future, when city funding and resources become available. University NR Plan



The University Neighborhood Renaissance Plan is the culmination of the University Neighborhood Renaissance Committee's numerous months of hard work and outlines the visions and goals for neighborhood improvement.  The City Planning Commission and City Council both approved the plan in December 2009.





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President:  Greg Bahr

Meetings:  4th Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

Central Methodist Church

3700 Pacific Avenue


To contact the University Neighborhood Renaissance Committee, please see Contact Us.


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