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Affordable Housing Programs

The Housing Division administers programs that create housing opportunities for residents of Stockton through down payment assistance, emergency repairs and neighborhood improvements.


Down Payment Assistance Program

The City of Stockton has a special interest in helping low-income and moderate-income families meet their housing needs.  Home ownership helps revitalize neighborhoods, maintains safe and pleasant living environments and stimulates the local economy.  The Down Payment Assistance Program is designed to assist these families with purchasing their first home. 

The City of Stockton works directly with the lender.  Persons interested in the program should contact their lenders immediately to make sure they qualify.


Down Payment Assistance Program Forms


Emergency Repair Program 

The Emergency Repair Program was designed to provide a one-time emergency repair assistance to low income property owners.  Properties that have one owner over the age of 65 or with special needs may be eligible for a grant.

Repairs are limited to corrections of code violations listed in official documents issued by the City, the Fire Marshall or the Health Officer stating that it presents an imminent danger to life, limb, property or safety of the public or its occupants.

The City of Stockton is now accepting applications for this program.  Funds for the program are available, but on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Housing Reconstruct Loan Program

The Housing Reconstruct Loan Program provides money to low income families to rebuild a house on the existing site only when repair costs are too high or cost more than new construction.  Some restrictions apply.

The Housing Reconstruct Loan Program is considered when the house does not qualify for the Housing Rehabilitation Program.


General Terms for Housing Reconstruct Loan Program (as of 12/5/2008)

The reconstruction loan is subject to underwriting guidelines with a fixed simple interest rate of one percent (1%).  Loans are due upon the sale of property or transfer of ownership.  The property must be located within the Stockton city limits.


Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Housing Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide financial assistance to low-income homeowners in making substantial interior and exterior repairs to bring the property to California and local building code standards, as amended and adopted.

Eligibility of participants is limited to owner-occupied, single family homes or two-units on a lot with one of the units occupied by the eligible owner.  The property must be located within the city limits of Stockton.


General Terms for Housing Rehabilitation Program (as of 12/5/2008)

Loans are provided at one percent (1%) simple interest, are assumable by qualified low-income buyers or heirs, and are due upon the sale of property or transfer of ownership.


Neighborhood Improvement Loan Program

This program is designed for low-income homeowners residing in target areas, action team areas, and safe neighborhoods.  Its purpose is to help homeowners make repairs due to City code violations and to assist qualified homeowners who wish to make repairs to their home but who do not qualify for the City's regular Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Funds can be used primarily for exterior improvements such as roof, painting, fencing and landscaping, along with water heater, plumbing, electrical, and sewer.


General Terms for Neighborhood Improvement Loan Program (as of 12/5/2008)

The maximum amount of assistance is $10,000 per household; $5,000 initial assistance plus up to a $5,000 match to owner's funds.

Loans are provided at zero percent (0%) interest.  Unpaid funds are due upon the sale of property, transfer of ownership, death of owner (except for right of survivor ship of joint tenant), or if the home is occupied for less than seven (7) years.  Senior and persons with "special needs" may qualify for the loan to be forgiven after seven (7) years provided the title to the property has not changed.


For any additional information, please contact the Housing Division.




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