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Central Parking District

The City's Central Parking District (CPD) administers the City's surface lots and parking structures in the downtown area, including the Stewart Eberhardt Parking Structure (at El Dorado Street and Weber Avenue) and the Channel Street Garage (at North San Joaquin and Channel Streets.)

Central Parking District Boundary Map


The CPD is operated by an Advisory Board appointed by the City Council.  Capital improvements, maintenance, and operating expenses are funded by an ad valor em assessment on all properties located within the District, charges for monthly and hourly parking privileges, and other income from contract agreements with other entities.


Downtown Parking Validation Policy

Effective April 25, 2012, Cinema Plaza validations (4-hour and 2-hour) will no longer be accepted at the Edmund Coy and Market Street Garages.  However, these validations will continue to be honored at the Stewart-Eberhardt Garage (SEB) at 15 North El Dorado Street.


Requests for Parking 

To request monthly parking, complete an Application and submit it to the Central Parking District office located at 123 North San Joaquin Street.  There is currently a Waiting List  for some parking lots, so please contact Central Parking to check lot availability.  When space becomes available in the lot requested, the CPD will contact the next person on the waiting list.


Discontinuing Monthly Parking

Request to Terminate Monthly Parking must be completed and submitted to the CPD ffice, along with your parking permit/access card to discontinue monthly parking.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges.


San Joaquin County employees must fill out a County Payroll Deduction Deletion Card to discontinue monthly parking deductions.


Edmund Coy Garage and Market Street Garage  

For parking information at the Edmund Coy and Market Street Garages, please contact Central Parking System at (916) 441-1074.  San Joaquin County employees should call (916) 438-0165. 


Additional Monthly Parking Downtown

For information on parking at 400 East Main Street, please contact CBRE at (209) 946-9626.  


To submit a question or comment, please contact Central Parking District or click on Ask Stockton and select the appropriate topic.

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