Office of the City Attorney

(209) 937-8333

City Attorney John


The Office of the City Attorney  provides legal services and advice to City Councilmembers, officials, boards, commissions, and City departments regarding legal and regulatory matters of concern to the City and its operations.

Office of the City Clerk

(209) 937-8459

City Clerk Bonnie Paige

The Office of the City Clerk is the official record keeping department for the City of Stockton, providing records support, maintaining the Stockton Municipal Code and Official Roster of Boards and supporting Commissions, and all election activities for City of Stockton elected offices and City initiatives placed before the voters.

Office of the City Manager

(209) 937-8212

City Manager

Kurt O. Wilson

Office of the City Manager provides direction and administration of City departments under the policy direction of the Council. Other functions within the City Manager's Office include: Operation Peacekeeper, Grants, Public Information Office and Channel 97 Government Access Cable Channel.

Administrative Services

(209) 937-8460

Acting CFO, Deputy City Manager Scott Carney 

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the City's budget and for providing a variety of services to other City departments and to the public, including: Business License, Utility Billing, and Purchasing. 

Community Development/Permit Center

(209) 937-8444

Director David Kwong

The Community Development Department establishes policies and goals for long-range plans to provide for the orderly growth of the community; management of the Permit Center; and promotion and preservation of architecturally and historically significant resources.

Community Services

(209) 937-8206

Director John Alita

Community Services provides Recreation activities and facilities, including operation and programming of Community Centers, through the Recreation Division and Library Services through the Library Division. 

Economic Development

(209) 937-8539

Director Micah Runner

The Economic Development Department includes: Redevelopment, Housing, Real Property, Central Parking District, and the Stockton Marina. 


(209) 937-8801

Interim Fire Chief Bill Weisgerber

The Stockton Fire Department provides emergency and non-emergency fire protection and prevention services, through public education, suppression and rescue activities.

Human Resources

(209) 937-8233

Interim Director DeAnna Solina

The Human Resources Department provides employment and job placement services to employees and candidates for employment., workforce planning, training, and benefit services to City employees and retirees.

Information Technology

(209) 937-8550

Director Nabil Fares

Information Technology is responsible for the implementation and management of the City Wide Technology Strategic Plan, which provides guidance and governance for all City technology objectives for the City and its operations.


(209) 937-8362

Director John Alita

The Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library is a city/county system, including: Cesar Chavez Central Library; four branch libraries in Stockton; and libraries in Escalon, Lathrop, Linden, Manteca, Mountain House, Ripon, Thornton and Tracy; and literacy services, including a mobile family literacy unit.

Municipal Utilities

(209) 937-8700

Director Mel Lytle


The Municipal Utilities Department provides water services to approximately half of the residents and businesses in the City of Stockton; and wastewater and stormwater services to the entire City and some areas within San Joaquin County.


(209) 937-8377

Police Chief Eric Jones

The Stockton Police Department provides emergency and non-emergency public safety protection and crime prevention services within the City of Stockton.  Other functions within the Stockton Police Department include: Neighborhoods Services (Code Enforcement) and Animal Services.

Public Works

(209) 937-8411

Director Gordon MacKay

The Public Works Department plans, designs, builds and maintains streets, sidewalks, street lights, traffic signals and other amenities, such as parks, street trees and bicycle and footpaths for  the City of Stockton.


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