Special Event Process

Planning a special event begins when a Special Event Permit Application is submitted on time and with payment. A Special Event Permit Application is required when an organized activity is conducted at any City park, building, street, or other facilities (public property) when the public is invited or admitted with a common purpose for any one or more of the following:


  • Fee charged or money collected
  • Alcohol and/or food to be sold
  • City facilities will be closed to general use by the public or use by the general public denied in part or in whole.
  • The location is used beyond its normal capacity or typical range of uses.
  • Activity on a street or other public place is impacted in a manner that disrupts normal or usual traffic patterns, regulations, or controls.


Special Event Permit Application Timeline


For more about the Special Event Permit or to submit an application by fax, please Contact Us.


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