Adult Sports

The City's Community Services Department offers an Adult Sports Program filled with healthy physical activities.  Join in on a fun, safe sporting environment focused on our Adult Sports Code of Conduct


Adult Sports Calendar


Adult Softball

At the Louis Park Softball Complex.  Softball is available in three seasons of eight games each in spring, summer, and fall.  Divisions include co-ed slow pitch, women's slow pitch, men's slow pitch, and men's fast pitch.  Church and women's fast pitch divisions based on interest.


2015 Softball Season   

Registration deadline:  Ended July 31

League begins:  Week of August 24


Adult Basketball

Held at community center gymnasiums. Basketball is available for four leagues of six games each in the winter, spring, and fall. Three divisions (C, D, E) are offered, depending on interest.  Men's basketball is currently offered; women's basketball available based on interest. 


2015 Basketball Spring League  

Registration deadline:  Ended August 5

League begins:  Week of August 18


Adult Volleyball

Held at community center gymnasiums.  Volleyball is available four times a year.  Each season consists of a 6-game league and designed for co-ed and women's divisions.  

We welcome beginner, intermediate and advanced players.    


2015 Volleyball Fall League  

Registration deadline:  Wednesday, September 9

League begins:  Week of September 23



Sign-ups are accepted as team entries only (see information flyer for player and format descriptions). Registration at the Adult Sports Office, located at Van Buskirk Community Center.

For more information contact the Adult Sports Office at (209) 937-5544. 


 Code of Conduct and Rulebooks


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