Park & Picnic Rentals

The City of Stockton offers several park and picnic areas that may be reserved by the public on a first reserved basis.



  • List of Group Picnic Areas
  • Reservations can be made at any Community Center and at the Community Services Administrative Office inside Cesar Chavez Library, second floor at 605 N. El Dorado Street, 95202. Rental information: (209) 937-8206.
    • Reservations must be made in person and fees paid at time of booking.
    • Reservations can be made one year in advance.
  • Cost: $55 for an all-day rental (except Magpie Site)
  • Oak Park Magpie Fenced Area: $200 for an all-day rental (Oak Park Magpie Picnic Rental Policy and keys to this area required.)


Picnic/Park Regulations

  • Tents: Tents under 200 sq. ft. and canopies under 400 sq. ft. allowed (typically 10 x 10 pop-up tents). Tents and canopies exceeding the square footage must obtain a tent permit issued by the Fire Department. Applications available at the Fire Department.
  • Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages allowed except beer, which is only allowed in designated picnic areas.
  • Containers: No glass bottles or containers allowed in the park.
  • Licensing: Food/beverage license required to sell food to public.
  • Special Event Permits: Pony rides, large tents, and similar items require a Special Event Permit Application, as does amplified music. Additional fees may apply for these types of activities and items.

Special Event Permit Requirements

If you are planning a Special Event at our park/picnic site, a Special Event Permit Application is required.


Definition of Special Event: When an organized activity is conducted at any City park, building, street, or other facility (on private or public property) in which the public is invited or admitted with a common purpose and any one or more of the following factors exist:

  • Fee is charged or money collected
  • Alcohol and/or food will be sold
  • City facility will be closed to general use by the public or use by the general public will be denied in part or in whole
  • Location used beyond its normal capacity or typical range of uses
  • Activity on a street or other public place is impacted in a manner that disrupts the normal or usual traffic patterns, regulations or controls


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