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Consider holding your next family, organization, community or commemorative event at a City of Stockton facility. These venues lend themselves to a wide variety of rentals, including live concert performances, exhibitions. weddings and car or craft shows.  Smaller facilities are available to hold a business retreat.  Whether you are team building, holding an organizational meeting or a golf tournament and luncheon, we have the right place for you. 


Please meet with us to discuss the details of planning a successful event.  We can assist you with the rental process and provide you with detailed information on requirements, as well as, many other resources that will help make your event successful.


All rentals are required to fill out the following forms:


Provided below, are helpful resources to assist you with your Special Event needs:

Time for Filing Special Event Application

For special events at the Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium,  Weber Point, Downtown Plaza or any City park or facility, and on private property when required by Stockton Municipal Code (SMC) Chapter 16, an application for a Special Event Permit, must be filed with the Special Event Department not less than 45 calendar days, nor more than one (1) year, prior to the date when the special event if proposed to be conducted.


A special event processing fee will apply to all event applications that do not include rental payment of a City owned facility.



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Special Event Ordinance - Stockton Municipal Code



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