Sports Field Rentals

The City of Stockton Community Services Department rents sporting diamonds and fields in city parks to individuals, teams, schools, and organizations for organized sports activities. 


For a list of parks available for rent:  Review parks with sports fields


For a list of fees, rental process, deadlines, and information, please review the following:

Submit completed application and fee to the Field Rental Office at the Stribley Community Center.


Tournament Reservation Process 

First Priority Tournaments:  (Reservations now closed)

To reserve the same dates and locations as previous year, submit a complete softball tournament application and non-refundable $100 deposit for each tournament and facility requested.


Second Priority Tournaments:  (Reservations now closed)

Priority two will be available through a draft and meeting held at the Field Reservation Office at the Van Buskirk Community Center (734 Houston Avenue.)   

For locations and phone numbers, please visit the Contact Us page.


Rental Guidelines and Forms:



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