Picnic Rentals                                                        

The City of Stockton has 69 parks with 24 sites that can be reserved including picnic areas, shelters, and amphitheaters. Each site offers various amenities.


Park Regulations

General regulations for picnic reservations:

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed except beer, which is allowed in designated picnic areas.
  • No glass bottles or containers allowed in the park.
  • Food/beverage license required to sell food to the public.
  • Pony rides, tents, and similar items require a Special Event Permit.
  • Amplified music requires a Special Event Permit; additional fees may apply.
  • Reservable picnic sites: $55.00 for an all-day rental.
  • Oak Park "Magpie Fenced Area": $200.00 for an all-day rental (keys are required).


Reservable Picnic Sites 


For more information:

Picnic Sites 

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For availability, please contact the Community Services Department.



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