Zoning Update

Stockton Land Use Inconsistency (LUI) Updates

The Zoning Update Project is completed. All changes in effect as of August 12, 2022.

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Newest Meeting Information July 12, 2022 City Council Meeting Information (Series 3, Phase 3)



What Is The Land Use Inconsistency (LUI) Update?

The City of Stockton is updating its Zoning Map, Zoning Code, and General Plan Land Use Map to ensure consistency with other City documents and policies. While the Zoning Code regulates the design and location of specific land uses, the Zoning Map is the physical representation of the zoning designations. The combined effort (“LUI Update”) is intended to strengthen the community vision, improve the clarity of Stockton’s regulations, and protect the development rights of existing homes and businesses on affected parcels.  


Inconsistencies Defined

  • Maps

    • General Plan Use and Zoning
  • Use (Programmed and Existing)

    • Identifies civic uses (Parks, Right of Way, Schools, Conservation/Preservation, etc.)
  • Policy and Vision

    • General Plan Policies and Goals
    • Housing Element and Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)
    • Community Input (Past + Current)
  • Existing Efforts

    • Approvals, Project Review

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Land Use Inconsistency Search Tool (Interactive)

Interactive Zoning Map Image with Link


Neighborhood Context

The General Plan identifies 16 neighborhoods within the City’s ultimate boundaries. These neighborhoods are described in detail in the Community Character Report. The links below identify Inconsistencies within each neighborhood along with existing conditions, proposed developments, and growth patterns, which help inform proposed solutions to the Inconsistencies.

  1. Downtown
  2. Midtown
  3. East Stockton
  4. South Stockton
  5. Boggs Tract
  6. The Port and Mount Diablo Waterfront
  7. Brookside / Country Club
  8. Pacific Avenue / Lincoln Village
  9. Morada Lane / Holman
  10. Mariposa Lakes
  11. Industrial Annex
  12. Weston / Van Buskirk
  13. Trinity / Northwest Stockton
  14. North Stockton Annex (N/A)
  15. Eight Mile / Bear Creek
  16. Upper Hammer Lane / Thornton Road

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General Plan and Zoning Relationship

The list below identifies General Plan Land Use designations in BOLD and the corresponding Zoning districts.

General Plan Land Use and Related Zoning Districts

  • Residential Estate:  Residential, Estate (RE)
  • Low-Density Residential:  Residential Low Density (RL)
  • Medium-Density Residential:  Residential, Medium Density (RM)
  • High-Density Residential:  Residential, High Density (RH)
  • Mixed-Use:  Mixed Use (MX)
  • Administrative Professional:  Commercial Office (CO); University / College (UC); Residential, High Density (RH)
  • Commercial:  Commercial Neighborhood (CN); Commercial General (CG); Commercial-Downtown (CD); Commercial Large-Scale (CL); Commercial Auto (CA); Residential, High Density (RH)
  • Industrial:  Industrial Limited (IL); Industrial General (IG); Port (PT)
  • Economic and Education Enterprise:  Any zoning district that allows uses that are consistent with the intended uses of this designation and the project.
  • Institutional:  Public Facilities (PF); Port (PT)
  • Parks and Recreation:  Public Facilities (PF)
  • Open Space / Agriculture:  Open Space (OS)

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Legend for Inconsistency Category
As a result of feedback received as part of the initial zoning map update, inconsistent parcels have been placed into one of three Series based on the degree of the inconsistency. These Series include:

Series 1 (Approved 3/9/21)
These parcels are considered to have inconsistencies that will be relatively easy to correct. Affected owners will continue to be notified of future workshops and public hearings prior to the rezoning of their parcel. Category-1 parcels include:

•  Parcels with an incompatible General Plan Land Use Designation and zoning
•  Parcels with no zoning or partial no zoning
•  Parcels with mapping errors

Series 2 (Approved 11/16/21)
These parcels include more complex inconsistencies and will result in additional outreach for feedback before a change is proposed. Changes to remove the inconsistency may include amendments to the Zoning Code and/or the General Plan.

Series 3 (Approved 7/12/22)
These parcels include the most complex inconsistencies and will result in additional outreach for feedback before a change is proposed. Changes to remove the inconsistency may include amendments to the Zoning Code and/or the General Plan. Many changes will require development code updates in tandem with land use designation changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Land Use Inconsistency Update connected to the General Plan?

Yes. On December 4, 2018, the City adopted the Envision Stockton 2040 General Plan which includes a revised Land Use Map with an emphasis on infill development. Zoning (both code and map) is a tool to implement the policies and vision of the General Plan. Changes to State law require consistency between the General Plan and Zoning. 


For consistency with the 2040 General Plan, zoning (both Code and Map) needed to be amended. These changes occurred in stages, where some parcels required minor corrections, and other parcels needed more significant corrections; public outreach and workshops were conducted to engage those impacted.   

What is the easiest way to find my zoning?

The easiest way to find your property's zoning is to look at the City’s Zoning Map. Once you have identified your zoning district (e.g., Residential, Low-RL) you can look up the General Plan Land Use Designation to compare if they are consistent. Both of these designations can be found using the Land Use Inconsistency (LUI) tool.


How many parcels are affected by the Zoning Map Update?

Approximately 4,200 parcels Citywide needed an updated zoning designation and/or General Plan Land Use Designation.

How long will it take to update the Zoning Map?
The effort will be divided into a series of amendments. Series 1 was approved on March 9, 2021. Series 2 was approved on November 16, 2021. Series 3 was approved on July 12, 2022.
How can I get involved?

Contact Us for additional information.

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Outreach, Meetings, and Hearings

The following meetings and hearings have been held to address zoning:

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Zoning Code Amendments

The existing Zoning Code is also known as the Title 16 Development Code. Changes to the Zoning Code are broken into three phases that will require Planning Commission review and City Council approval. A draft of the changes can be viewed in the links below.


Phase 1 Consistency Development Code Amendments  (Approved 6/9/20)


Phase 2 Consistency Development Code Amendments (Approved 12/1/2020)


Phase 3 Consistency Development Code Amendments

Phase 3 was brought forward in conjunction with Series 3.


Contact Information for Zoning Team

For additional information, questions, or comments, see the email and phone number under Zoning Update on the Contact Us page.


To receive information regarding a variety of City Public Meetings, sign up to receive emails.


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