Legal Cannabis Business Permits

The City allows cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing laboratories, retail storefront (dispensary), and retail non-storefront (delivery) business types. Microbusinesses are also allowed. 


Legal Permitted Commercial Cannabis Business 

The following locations are currently permitted by the City of Stockton: 


Microbusiness (RDM)

  • 108 W. Hazelton – Not Open to the Public



  • 633 San Juan Avenue – Open to the Public 
  • 1903 Navy Drive – Not Open to the Public 
  • 7979 S Airport Drive – Not Open to the Public 
  • 1200 S Aurora – Not Open to the Public 
  • 1901 Navy – Not Open to the Public 


Retail Storefront 

  • 1550 W Fremont Street – Open to the Public 
  • 7632 Pacific Avenue – Open to the Public 
  • 678 N Wilson Way, Suite A – Open to the Public 
  • 3706 E Hammer Lane, Suite 6 – Open to the Public 
  • 7840 West Ln, Suite F – Open to the Public 
  • 2401/2403 Stagecoach Road – Not Open to the Public 
  • 3008 E Hammer Lane #108 – Not Open to the Public 
  • 2521 West Ln – Not Open to the Public 


Non-Storefront Retail (Delivery Only) 

  • 1621 Navy Drive, Building 1 – Open to the Public 
  • 2233 Grand Canal Blvd, Suite 208 – Open to the Public 
  • 216 N American – Not Open to the Public 
  • 4895 S State Route 99 E Fr Rd C – Not Open to the Public 


Operating Cannabis Businesses 

There is no limit on the number of permits for Non-Storefront Retail (Delivery), Cultivation, Distribution, Volatile and Non-Volatile Manufacturer, and Testing Lab businesses. Interested parties may apply anytime. 


All applicants are required to meet Land-Use requirements for the property. Applicants must have a Business License for the business itself, an Operator Permit for the business operator, Owner and Employee Permits, a Business License Certificate, and a State-issued license. 


The City administers an annual lottery allowing applicants an opportunity to apply for Retail Storefront (Dispensary) and Microbusiness cannabis business use permits. 


For more information regarding the types of permits and requirements, including the annual lottery, see the cannabis business permits webpage. 


Report Illegal Cannabis Activities 

State law limits growing cannabis for personal use to six (6) plants, and plants must be grown indoors. 


Is there illegal cannabis cultivation or retail store in your neighborhood? Report illegal grow, illegal retail stores, or other illegal commercial cannabis activities to the Stockton Police Department, Special Investigations Unit at Ask Stockton. 


To report odors from a cannabis operation, file a complaint online using Ask Stockton or contact the Stockton Police Department Neighborhood Services Section (Code Enforcement).



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