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The City of Stockton Bicycle Master Plan was approved by the Stockton City Council in 2007 as part of the overall General Plan 2035 update.  The purpose of the Bicycle Master Plan is to provide an overall guide for City planners and engineers, as well as members of the public, in order to ultimately achieve a comprehensive network of bicycle recreational and commuter facilities.


A primary goal of the Bicycle Master Plan is to encourage bicycle travel as a viable mode of movement throughout the city of Stockton by providing safe and convenient bicycle facilities and linking commercial areas, residential neighborhoods, and employment centers.


The City of Stockton's current network of existing bicycle facilities consists of approximately 100 miles of off-street trails and paths as well as on-street bicycle facilities.


Stockton can implement portions of the Bicycle Master Plan through private development projects, City Capital Improvement Program projects, Redevelopment projects and scheduled roadway maintenance.  The Bicycle Master Plan complies with the California Streets and Highways Code, which is required for Federal and State grant funding opportunities.


Bike Routes

Existing Bikeway Map (PDF)

Future Bikeway Map  (PDF)



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