Penalties & Fines

Any person who files a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) after the deadline imposed by the Political Reform Act is liable for a late fine pursuant to California Government Code Section 91013.

Late filers are subject to a fine of $10 per day up to a $100 maximum.

The City Clerk has the authority to consider a request to waive the payment of a late fine if the request is based on “good cause.”  Examples of good cause:

  • involvement in an accident,
  •  loss of records due to fire, flood, theft, or similar reasons,
  • hospitalization, or other forms of incapacitation for medical reasons.

Late fines will not be waived for reasons including but not limited to vacation, misplacement of forms, or because the filer is "too busy" to complete the form. Additionally, fines cannot be waived for forms submitted late after 30 days.

The City Clerk, as the filing officer, is mandated to submit non-filers to the FPPC enforcement division for collection; non-filers are subject to a $5,000 administrative penalty, assessed by the FPPC. Filers are highly encouraged to submit forms ahead of time to avoid such fines and penalties.


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California Government Code - Section 91013

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