FPPC Process

Elections in the City of Stockton are regulated by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). State law requires various disclosure statements to be filed by:

  • local candidates for elected office,
  • current elected officeholders, and
  • committees supporting or opposing local candidates or measures. 

Statements are regularly filed with the City Clerk, with additional statements required during election years. These statements are publicly available and provide information on who contributes money to campaign committees and how that money is spent.

To review local official statements, please visit our Campaign Filing System – Public Access Portal

The laws surrounding these requirements are complex, and those involved in campaign committees should ensure they are well aware of all campaign reporting requirements. For detailed information about campaign rules, forms, and manuals, please visit the FPPC website in External Links below.

What Do I File?

The Political Reform Act requires public officials to (council, board, and commission members; employees, and consultants) disclose their interests on or before specific statutory deadlines.A common form is the Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) and its associated schedules. For a copy of the current Form 700 and instructions, please visit the FPPC website in External Links below.

Other required forms for candidates, elected officeholders, and campaign committees:

  • Statement of Organization Form 410
  • Semi-Annual, Pre-Election, Supplemental, and Quarterly Measure Campaign Disclosure Forms 460
  • Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report Form 465
  • Late Independent Expenditure Report Form 496
  • Late Contribution Report Form 497, and
  • Statement of Intent Form 501.

For a complete list of all required disclosure forms, visit the FPPC website.

Where Do I File?

Candidates and committees within the jurisdiction of the City of Stockton must file their disclosure statements with the Office of the City Clerk. As of the July 31, 2015, filing deadline, candidates now file these forms electronically. Candidates and committees should contact the  Office of the City Clerk to create a user profile in the Campaign Filing System.

When Do I File?

Deadlines vary depending on the type of committee and whether it is involved in an active election. Please view the current schedules provided by the FPPC to ensure you are not penalized for missing a deadline. We highly recommend filing forms well in advance to avoid any potential late fees.


The intention of this website is to provide general information to assist in campaign disclosure reporting. Additional requirements may apply. If any of this information conflicts with state or local law, the higher law abides.If you have questions about filing requirements, please visit the FPPC website for information and advice.



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