Office of the City Auditor

The Auditor provides the City Council, management, and employees with objective analyses, appraisals, and recommendations for improvements to City systems and activities.  The Auditor reports directly to the City Council and does not exercise direct authority over any department, system, or activity subject to audit.


The Council Audit Committee, a subcommittee of the City Council, oversees all independent auditing services for the City provided by both the City Auditor and the City's commercial auditing firm, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Review the City Auditor's annual audit plan.
  2. Review audit reports issued by the City Auditor.
  3. Review the annual follow-up report issued by the City Auditor.
  4. Refer special requests for audit services to the City Auditor.
  5. Review the annual audit plan of the City's commercial audit firm.
  6. Review the City's annual financial reports and reports of the commercial audit firm.
  7. Review external quality control review reports of the Office of the City Auditor.


City Council Audit Committee Members

City Council Audit Committee Meeting Minutes



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