Landlord Service Agreement

The City of Stockton is now offering rental property owners the option of having the combined utility services of water, sewer, storm water, and garbage (if applicable) automatically established in the owner's name anytime a tenant moves out and requests to have the services discontinued.


The Landlord Service Agreement creates a standing request for services by a rental property owner or manager that will open an account in the owner's name when a tenant vacates the location; with no interruption in service and no additional contact by the property owner or manager.


Enrollment is simple, just complete a Utility Billing Landlord Service Agreement Form for each location you would like to include in the program and submit to utility billing customer service as instructed on the form. You will receive a mailed confirmation once the request has been completed.


For more details or questions about the program, please contact Utility Billing Customer Service during regular business hours.


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