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Stockton Arts Commission Current Activities

The Stockton Arts Commission serves as the arts advocacy commission for the City – a catalyst to support and strengthen the community by increasing awareness, opportunities, and involvement in arts and culture.  The Commission was founded by Marian Jacobs and a group of local arts supporters in the mid-1970s.  


Today, the Commission operates within the City's Community Services Department.  Business is conducted by the arts director and a 16-member volunteer commission appointed by the Mayor and City Council. 


To find out more about the Stockton Arts Commission's function, legal authority, member qualifications, visit the City Clerk's Arts Commission page.


Grant Opportunity

The Stockton Arts Commission announces its annual grant cycle for projects to be completed from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.  These grants stimulate and strengthen the arts in Stockton and increase the capacity of arts organizations, artists, and art educators to serve a diverse community.  


2014 Arts Awards Nominations

Nominations are now closed.  The awards presentation will be held at the Stockton Civic Memorial Auditorium on October 18, 2014.   (View this years SAC Grant Guidelines.) 


Award Recipients

Mayor's Award Recipients

Honors a person or organization whose work, patronage or creative innovation has highlighted the cultural aspects of Stockton,  and whose championing, fund-raising or outreach has helped sustain the Arts in our Community.  

Patron Award Recipients

Honors a business or individual for outstanding financial support of one or more arts/cultural organizations in Stockton.  

Volunteer Award Recipients

Honors outstanding contributions of a volunteer in the arts in Stockton.  Nominees are evaluated on the number of years of activity and their level of impact on the arts.  

Career Achievement Award Recipients

Honors former Stockton residents who have achieved state, national and/or international prominence in the arts.  

Special Award Recipients 

Particular Achievement in the Arts.

Comet Award

Honors an individual, business or organization, not previously acknowledged, recognizes one who has demonstrated an inspiring, enthusiastic, and innovative promotion of the arts in the community in a relatively short term, but one we feel will be long lasting in effect. 

Founders Award 

(Named for our founder, Marian Jacobs)

Honors a person for their advocacy of all the Arts, the vision and innovation to promote all diversities of talent and support, and a champion of Stockton's cultural development and maintenance. 

Outstanding Achievement in the Business of the Arts Award

Honors a person or organization whose business is that of keeping the Arts in the public eye, creating ways to promote the Arts, and generously giving of their time and business involvements to maintain the Arts in all forms of production. 


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