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City Endowment

In January 2001, the Stockton City Council established a $1.3 million City Endowment for the Arts  to create an Arts Grant Program that is administered by the Arts Commission.  Since the inception of the Program, over $250,000 has been awarded from interest earned on the Endowment.  This program supports Stockton arts organizations, artists and arts educators who are seeking funding to support various projects. 


Purpose of Grant Funding

  • Encourage, stimulate and strengthen Stockton's local artists and arts organizations
  • Increase public awareness of Stockton's arts resources
  • Supports collaborative programs among arts and cultural organizations including educations institutions
  • Educate the community about the arts
  • Service a diverse audience
  • Provide more arts events to the public (performances, exhibits, classes, etc.)
  • Increase the capacity of artists and arts organizations to serve the community with enhanced arts programs


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